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Duchesne County is a beautiful and safe place to live, but disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Be educated on hazards that may impact our area such as fire, flooding, and chemical spills.  Become trained to aid and assist local officials and emergency response agencies when a disaster does happen.


Be certain that you are prepared when a disaster happens.  Disasters can strike quickly and without warning.24225 And when disaster strikes, you may not have much time to respond.  A highway spill or hazardous materials incident could mean evacuation.  A winter storm could confine your family to your home.  An earthquake, flood, fire, tornado, or any other disaster could cut water, electricity, and telephones for days.

The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program was created to educate and organize community members to help out in disaster situations.  CERT members are a volunteer group of community members who are trained to assist local officials with emergencies. Working as neighbors, together we can save lives and property.  Becoming a member of a CERT program will help better prepare us for the hazards that threaten our communities.

1574870-2The CERT program can also aid our community with helping non-emergency projects by assisting loved ones and neighbors, by improving the basic safety of the community. Being involved with community events such as parades, concerts, fairs, and more.

Learn basic life saving skills such as CPR, fire safety, and local evacuations.  These skills are necessary in case of a situation where you are first response to an emergency before local officials arrive.


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CountySeatLogoThe County Seat is a public affairs program that focuses on the issues that affect county government. Ever wonder how County governement works?  Check out the program and learn what is County Government.  Watch Now! Or you can come and see Duchesne County's commericial that is featured on the show!

Bottom Promotion The CodeRED system provides county officials the ability to quickly deliver messages to targeted areas or the entire county.

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