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___ 1. Egress windows; Minimum size 22" vertical or horizontal with 5 square feet minimum openable area. Maximum seal height 36" above floor. MHCSS 3280.106 & 3280.404
___ 2. Exits; Two required Single section 12' minimum distance center to center. Double section 20' minimum center to center. MHCSS 3280.105
A.  One exit within 35' of any bedroom doorway.
B.  Exterior swing door require 28" x 74" clear opening. Sliding glass require 28" x 72" clear opening.
___ 3. Flame Spread; Walls and ceilings adjacent to or enclosing Furnace or water heaters not to exceed 25 flame spread rating. Combustible doors shall be covered with a limited combustible material (i.e. 5/16" sheet. rock min.) Lovers to be of same combustible as door minimum. MHCSS 3280.203
___ 4. Exposed interior finishes; Adjacent to cooking range not to exceed 50 flame spread. MHCSS 3280.203.
___ 5. Vertical clearance above range minimum 24" to combustibles. MHCSS 3280.204(e).
___ 6. Smoke detectors; Located on wall between first bedroom and living room. In hall ways must be between return air and living area. Shall be attached to house power.
___  7. Solid-fuel-burning stoves/fireplaces; Must be listed for manufactured housing use and installed to manufactures instructions and MHCSS 3280.709(g). Note: See ANSI A225.1 Annex D section 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 when this applies.
___ 8. Electrical System; Must be tested for continuity to confirm proper bonding, test equipment for proper connection and operation, and test for polarity. MCHSS 3280.810.
___ 9. Electrical system properly protected for required amperage. Aluminum conductors connected to device marked CO/ALR. Exterior receptacles GFCI protected (exp. Heat tape receptacle). Conductors of dissimilar materials connected in accordance with NEC 110-14.
___ 10. Replacement furnaces and water heaters; vents, roof jacks, and chimney must be listed for manufacture housing use.
___ 11. Furnaces and water heaters must be secured from displacement and accessible for service or replacement. MHCSS 3280.709(a).
___ 12. Fuel burning Furnaces and water heaters must be installed to provide complete separation of the combustion system from the interior of home. (Direct vent or outside combustion air required) MHCSS 3280.709(d).
___ 13. Water heater floor adequate for water heater support.
___ 14. Roof snow load. # Information acquired by

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