Business Licenses


Business Licenses

Duchesne County ordinance requires anyone conducting business in the unincorporated areas of the County to obtain a business license. 

All Applicants for licenses must be made in writing to the Clerks/Auditors office. The amount of such licenses shall be paid upon receipt of Business License Application.

No license granted or issued under the provision of Ordinance #08-263, Section 5, Chapter 4-F shall be transferable.

Fees need to be paid at the time the Business License Application is given to the Clerk's office.  Fees will vary according to the type of business.

Those selling agricultural products, which are grown in Duchesne County, will not be required to purchase a business license.


You may apply for a license at the Clerk's office at 734 North Center in Duchesne, or call 738-1103.


The Business License Clerk and Planning & Zoning Administration will determine if your type of business may be conducted at the requested location. If you plan to conduct business from your home, it is best to consult the Planning office first.


You will need to register with the State of Utah.  For more information, please use this link:


The average processing time for a new business is one week.

Your business license will need to be renewed every year by January 1st.



  1. Register with the State of Utah.  Check to see if Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL), Sales Tax or Federal ID numbers or licenses are needed.
  2. Complete all pages of the local pdf Business License Application
  3. Attach any licenses or insurance required to pass through Planning & Zoning and/or Building Department.  (See application for specifics)
  4. Read Duchesne County pdf Business License Ordinance  so you know what applies to your business.
  5. If you go out of business, change names or ownership, both the State of Utah and local business license clerk will need to be notified.

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